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DEI Navigators is a space for YOU.

If you are a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color) professional that does work in the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Intercultural Communication (DEI), you need a sense of belonging in order to succeed. This community is where that sense can grow.

Join the DEI Navigators and make yourself at home. 

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Our whole cohort was extremely grateful to have someone with the breadth of experience, passion and patience as we unpacked our own cultural identities and learned how to leverage who we are as whole individuals to engage and lead in our workplaces and in our communities

~ Josh, former program participant


Monthly group discussions & direct access to experts in DEI


Upcoming events, industry referrals, and career development advice


A growing network of people like you


A robust library of videos, tools, and guides all on DEI

Have you been wondering where you belong?

BIPOC professionals that do DEI work are fueled by passion or sometimes “volunteered.” Whichever scenario you are in right now, you do not have to do it alone.

DEI Navigators is here to help you towards success. A community for people of color, we are out to spark revolutions. To learn together, support one another, and help each other make change.

Become our newest member today in a space created just for you. 

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This is the community I wish I had... 

...when I was a young woman of color starting out in Diversity and Intercultural practice.

Without a support group or mentors who could truly understand me, it was a long and tough road to establish myself as an internationally requested speaker, facilitator, and author on diversity topics.

It would have made all the difference in the world to have had the backing of a like-minded community. 

DEI Navigators exists to make that difference in your life and career.

It's a space to connect. To learn. And to grow. 

It's a virtual—but very present—community, and 100% real. 

Apply to join the DEI Navigators today and experience a welcoming community that understands YOU

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Farzana brought a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and enriched my learning to another level. Through her gentle guidance, I was encouraged to dig deeper in my personal reflections and was enabled to speak openly and honestly in a supportive environment.

~ Ruth, former program participant

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